New Opportunities for Professional Learning

For the 2019 – 2020 school year, Ellin has a limited number of days in the fall and spring open for new clients or returning clients. She is open to any workshop format but believes that school-based professional learning is often most effective.

Please visit WHAT WE DO to see an updated list of topics and professional learning options for schools and districts around the US and abroad.

Students want to understand—they’re hardwired to understand. They love to be surprised and challenged by the depth and quality of their insights, but their propensity to express complex thinking is very dependent upon our teaching. We have far more capacity to foster engagement and understanding than we may realize.

When I work side-by-side with teachers and other education leaders throughout this country and abroad, I recognize that our beliefs about students’ learning potential shape so much of what we do in classrooms. The extraordinary growth I’ve witnessed in children and teachers convinces me that all students can live intellectually engaged lives.

My passion and purpose are born in the boundless potential I see in teachers and children. The drive to understand in all of us makes great teaching possible and makes real the promise that all children can make lasting contributions to the society in which they live.