What We Do

Professional Consulting Services

Workshops, keynotes, residencies, intensives, school and district consulting, strategic planning and demonstration teaching.

Learning Intensives

  • In-depth, on-site professional learning experiences and long-range planning for teachers, principals, and other district leaders designed to improve literacy teaching, learning and leadership
  • Participants are expected to read extensively and engage in serious planning before, during, and after the sessions.
  • Intensives include:
    • Pre-assessment of the school's or district's needs and assistance in developing a literacy action plan
    • Customized and collaborative planning for the on-site professional learning experiences
    • At least five days of in-depth professional learning from Ellin Oliver Keene
    • A comprehensive follow-up plan


Workshop Topics and Structures
  • Engaging students deeply in literacy work, K – 8
  • Teaching reading comprehension K –12
  • Understanding what is essential in K – 12 literacy content and best practices in instruction to enhance that content (CCSS)
  • Effective talk that supports reading comprehension, K – 12
  • Action research
  • Understanding comprehension instruction in the context of the Common Core State Standards
  • Understanding research in reading comprehension; research applications in the classroom, what parents should know
  • Assessing reading comprehension
  • Supporting literacy coaches’ and district level instructional leaders’ efforts to provide effective professional development
  • Helping principals recognize excellent reading/writing instruction – what to look for in classrooms and how to create excellent faculty professional learning opportunities
  • Comprehension strategies as learning strategies across the curriculum
  • Effective professional development – planning and executing at the school and district level
  • Asset mapping and other needs assessment tools to guide school reform and improvement of instruction

Format for Workshops and In-service
  • One to three day workshops/university work
  • K – 8 teachers
  • Workshops for Elementary and Middle School Principals
  • Workshop with demonstration teaching for 5 – 30 children
  • Workshop with opportunity to observe, co-teach, and feed back to teachers
  • Curriculum planning/development with teachers and/or district leaders

IMPORTANT: After you schedule an Intensive or a Workshop, please download the Planning Tool for Workshops and School Document (PDF, 127KB) and send the completed form to david@mosiacliteracy.com or fax it to 303-744-3006.


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