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Dear Friends,

I write to share the irrepressible joy of a new school year that is, in this most uncertain time, coupled with sadness and frustration of breathing into masks, seeing your students via screens, and trying to form relationships with each student when they are distant, even if they are in the room with you. The challenges you face each day are made unspeakably difficult against the backdrop of the seemingly ceaseless and utterly senseless loss of black lives in this country, the natural disasters we’ve endured, and the staggering loss of life due to Covid-19. These issues must be acknowledged, studied, discussed, and each of us must, and I believe will, find the courage to act, each in their own way.

Each of you has, in fact, already taken action in the most inspirational way, beginning last March and learning ferociously through the summer. You are there for your kids--all of them. You are still finding joy and figuring out how to engender learning every day. I am filled with gratitude and respect for each of you which, in truth, I have difficulty putting into words. In this profession we are family and as such we draw strength, knowledge, and inspiration from each other.

In the spirit of re-thinking our work with students’ best interests in mind, I have retooled so much of what I do in order to work joyfully and productively with teachers and students.

Please visit Ellin Online and in person to see an updated list of topics and professional learning options for schools and districts around the US and abroad.

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